20 Free Educational Apps for Homeschoolers

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


We are officially homeschooling this year! While I’m definitely excited at the flexibility this new journey will bring to our lives, it’s a bit stressful too. F

One thing we believe is very important for kids today to learn is technology. I know this is a controversial topic.

As parents, we can try to avoid screen time as much as we want, but technology is an integral part of modern life. The better equipped our children are to use technology, the more successful they can be in the modern world.

However, we try our best to use technology to educate our children. The girls both love playing on tablets and phones, and we try to steer them towards educational games as much as possible.

It seems like a lot of educational games are geared at pre-schoolers rather than elementary aged children, so it takes a bit of sifting to find the right games. Amazon has a lot of free apps you can check out.

You’d have to pay for many of these apps if you were to get them from other app stores, but they’re totally free with Amazon – no strings attached. Even the “In App Purchases” on these games and apps are free! So you won’t be choosing a “free” app only to discover your child is frustrated because they can’t access the full game functionality without paying for upgrades.

If you’re a homeschooling family with elementary aged kids, here’s the list of 20 free educational apps for homeschoolers I put together. You can get all of these apps free with Amazon:

  1. Math Run
  2. Phonics and Reading with McGuffey I
  3. Reading Trainer
  4. GeoFlight USA
  5. Flashcard Machine
  6. Visual Anatomy
  7. Drawing Cartoons FULL
  8. 1st 2nd Grade Quest
  9. 1st Grade Learning Games
  10. 3rd 4th Grade Quest
  11. Third Grade Learning Games
  12. TerraTime
  13. Concentration – The Attention Trainer
  14. World Country Quiz
  15. Monkey Word School Adventure
  16. Kids Learn to Read
  17. Maths War
  18. Charting Art
  19. Kids Reading Sight Words
  20. Animals for Kids

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