7 Best Fresh Produce Delivery Services

Buying produce online has never been easier! Check out 7 of the best produce delivery services to find your favorite!

Cauliflower, mushrooms and rice noodles in a box with label reading, "Fresh Produce Delivery Services"

I never realized just how much time I spend produce shopping until I started using grocery delivery. I love the convenience of picking out what I want online, then having it show up at my door on delivery day.

While more grocery stores are offering pick up and delivery, there are whole companies that specialize in delivering produce to your door! Many of them have grocery store prices or better.

If you want a new way to shop for fresh fruits and veggies online, check out these delivery service options.

Best Produce Delivery Service Options for 2021

1. Full Circle Farm

Full Circle Farm sells organic food boxes from a farm located just outside of Bend, Washington. They have 3 high-quality Produce Box options:

  1. Mixed Fruit and Veggie
  2. Traditional CSA
  3. Organic Snack Pack

Prices start at $27.95 with free shipping and deliveries can be made weekly or bi-weekly. Use code EATFRESH15 for 15% off your first Full Circle Farms order.

2. Farm Fresh to You

As the name implies, Farm Fresh to You delivers farm fresh foods to your door. They have 6 different boxes, including:

  1. Mixed Fruits and Veggies
  2. No Cooking
  3. Fruit Only
  4. Traditional CSA
  5. Veggie Only
  6. Snack Pack

Prices start at $27.50 and deliveries are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

3. Hungry Root

Hungry Root is more than just a delivery service – they go beyond fresh fruits and veggies. It’s almost like having a personal shopper who helps you with meal planning.

You create a food profile, and each week you get the groceries delivered to help you make simple meals. Right now, you can save 30% off your first delivery of $99+ and get a free gift for the lifetime of your subscription.

4. Tropical Fruit Box

If you like trying new fruits, add Tropical Fruit Box to your list of delicious delivery services to try! They have 4 different types of boxes for you to sample:

  1. Tropical Fruit Box
  2. Exotic Fruit Box
  3. Tropical Root Box
  4. Build Your Own Box

Prices start and $39 and there are definitely some more spendy subscription boxes that look amazing too!

5. Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is basically like an entire online grocery store and they don’t offer subscription box options. You can also buy meat, dairy and other grocery items online. Check the site to see if they deliver to your zip code.

6. Misfits Market

I love Misfits Market and their mission to reduce food waste and bring healthy foods to everyone in the US, especially people in food deserts. They essentially save produce items, meat and other items that would go to waste, then they sell it on their website.

In addition to conventional and organic produce, they also have meat, seafood, dairy and pantry staples like olive oil and rice. And their prices are better than local grocery stores too!

I’ve been a Misfits Market customer for some time now and we love them so much that I wrote a full Misfits Market Review so you can see pictures of our boxes!

7. Local CSA

In most areas, especially on the west coast, you can join a CSA, or community supported agriculture program to support local farms. Many of these programs will bring local produce right to your door every week.

Check the local harvest website or ask at your local farmers market for suggestions in your area.

Having fresh produce and other specialty items delivered to your house will save you time at the grocery store. I hope you find a new favorite delivery service for your family.

You can also buy meat, seafood and pantry staples online to minimize trips to the store and give you more time for the things you want to do.

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