Best Seafood Delivery Services for 2022

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Sometimes the seafood choices at the grocery store are less than desirable. I find you get better quality seafood when you buy from the source, and ordering seafood delivery online is making that easier.

Salmon, shrimp, salmon burgers, trout burgers and Kelp Beet Kraut in a shipping box.

Gone are the days where you can only get local delivery of seafood. More and more companies are offering seafood delivery across the country to the general public.

From a variety of fish to Maine lobsters, Dungeness crab and other shellfish, you can buy pretty much any type of seafood product online these days and have it delivered to your door.

I put together a list of the best fresh seafood delivery services that allow you to order online. The best way to get the freshest fish on your dinner table this week – besides catching it yourself – is to place an order with one of these companies.

Where to Order Seafood Delivery

These are the best places to order delicious seafood online in the United States in 2022. Whether you want to place a one-time order or sign up for ongoing subscription boxes, these are my top choices for online retailers offering a large selection of seafood.

1. Wulf’s Fish: Best Fish Subscription Box.

Wulf's Fish shipping box containing salmon, salmon burgers, trout burgers, shrimp and kelp beet kraut.

Wulf’s Fish has a wide variety of seafood to choose from. I’ve had the opportunity to try their Laughing Bird Shrimp, Nordic Blu Salmon, Nordic Blu Salmon Burgers, ChalkStream Trout Burgers and Sea-Beet Kraut. Oh my gosh… everything is delicious and high quality… my taste buds loved it!

Everything arrives frozen on ice and dry ice. Just put it directly into your freezer until you’re ready to cook it. Wulf’s Fish even sends out a little book with some recipe ideas in it. They have all of the typical types of fish along with some I’ve never tried before like Gulf of Maine Redfish.

If you want to sample the best of what Wulf’s Fish has to offer, try their Greatest Hits Box or the Fishmonger Favorites Box. You can order either of these boxes one time or set up a recurring subscription so you receive a box every month.

2. Fulton Fish Market: Widest Selection of Seafood.

Fulton Fish Market, based in New York City, is one of the oldest fish markets in the US. It’s been around since 1822, so they have 200 years of experience delivering sustainable fish to the public at peak freshness.

They have the widest selection of seafood available for ordering online, including both whole fish and fish filets, many of which are caught by local fisherman. They have pretty much every type of fish you might want, like amazing fresh tuna, Coho salmon, whole rainbow trout, black cod and more.

Get 15% off your first order (with a new account) with code HELLO15 at Fulton Fish Market.

3. Sizzlefish: Easiest Box to Customize.

Sizzlefish is a seafood supplier that has been in business for 30+ years. You can place a single order with Sizzlefish or sign up for their subscription box service.

Each month, you can customize your box with the types of seafood you like and it’ll ship to your door for a flat rate. There’s no commitment and you can pause your subscription or cancel anytime.

Some of their more popular seafood options include Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Seabass, Alaska Halibut and Yellowfin Tuna. They also have a large selection of shellfish and most seafood items you might be wanting to order.

Sizzlefish offers free shipping on orders over $100. They only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that the orders will arrive overnight on your doorstep.

Limited Time Only: Sign up for any Sizzlefish Subscription today and get a FREE 1.25 lb pack of their new wild Alaska Weathervane Scallops in your first box (over $50 Value) when you use code: SCALLOPS at checkout. Offer valid with subscriptions only and subject to change without notice.

4. Lobster Anywhere: Best Place for Lobster.

A great place to order live Maine lobster is Lobster Anywhere. They have both live lobsters and frozen lobster tails.

 They also offer bisques, soups, other types of fish, shrimp, sea scallops and more. Like most lobster delivery services, Lobster Anywhere ships overnight so you get your order the next day.

For special occasions, try their Surf & Turf packages. If you’re craving Maine Lobster now, Lobster Anywhere is the best place to order it.

5. Vital Choice: Best West Coast Option.

Located in the Pacific Northwest in Ferndale, Washington, Vital Choice sells a wide selection of sustainably harvested fish. You’ll find several types of salmon as well as tuna and much more. They even have Marine Supplements.

If you enjoy trying new cuts of fish, they also have a Monthly Subscription Box, so you always have fresh fish options. They have options ranging from $129 to $199, and you can use code 1VCAF5 to save 5% on premium seafood from Vital Choice.

6. Cameron’s Seafood: Best Place for Crab.

Cameron’s Seafood specializes in Maryland Crab that’s caught daily and shipped overnight to your door. Order whole crabs, blue crabs, crab meat, crab legs, crab cakes and more from this small business.

They also have other varieties of fish like Mahi Mahi, Chilean Seabass, Rainbow Trout and Catfish as well as other types of shellfish.

Get $10 off your first seafood delivery order at Cameron’s Seafood with code WELCOME.

7. Crowd Cow: Best Meat Subscription Box with Seafood.

While you’re picking up your ground beef at Crowd Cow, check out their sustainable seafood selection. Crowd Cow is a meat subscription service that allows you to customize your box each month (a lot like ButcherBox), so you can get seafood and other cuts of meat at the same time.

With a Crowd Cow subscription, you’re likely to get seafood included in each of your monthly boxes (it’s only occasionally included with ButcherBox). And you can order seafood with one-time orders as well.

Their Cooked Large White Shrimp from Blue Circle Foods are delicious and super convenient for a quick meal. And they often have “free for life” specials where you receive something like Wagyu Beef free every month as long as you’re a member.

For their current deals, check out the Butcher’s Specials.

8. Misfits Market: Best Overall Grocery Option.

Every week, Misfits Market has a handful of different seafood options you can choose to add to your order along with your organic produce, meat and pantry items. I like Misfits because you can skip weeks when you want and you always get to customize your order.

We order from them so often that I wrote a Misfits Market review so you can see some of the items I order regularly. They have a low order minimum, so you can try lots of different organic food items every week! We love trying new things, including their seafood offerings.

9. Rastelli’s: Best Meat Seller with Seafood.

Basted in New Jersey, Rastelli’s has a wide selection of foods. While Rastelli’s primarily offers meat, they also have seafood delivery! They have most of the popular types of fish like Swordfish, Salmon, Cod, Seabass and more. They also have a Faroe Island Salmon Filets Super Box that has a few different types of their popular salmon options.

10. FarmFoods Market: Best “Know Your Farmer” Option.

While the wild-caught seafood currently offered by FarmFoods Market is limited, it is high quality. They have wild-caught salmon, pacific cod and halibut that’s pretty amazing. With their value packs of wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, you can order up to 100 wild salmon filets in one pack!

And with coupon code PECS10, you can save 10% off your order at FarmFoods Market.

11. Omaha Steaks: Best Full Meal Options.

While the name of this website makes you think beef, Omaha Steaks actually has a wide selection of meats and side dishes too. They have all sorts of fish, shellfish and seafood that’s available for home delivery.

Their sablefish (black cod) is buttery and delicious and the salmon is great too. The best way to sample the seafood that Omaha Steaks has to offer is their Ocean’s Bounty Box. You get a nice selection of their popular options.

12. Best Pescatarian Meal Kits.

If you’re new to cooking fish and would like to start with meal kits that include everything you need, including perishable items and step-by-step instructions, try one of these meal kit services that allow you to order seafood based meal kits:

  • Blue Apron: Enjoy a $100 gift card—PLUS $110 off across your first 6 orders!
  • Hello Fresh: Get 60% off your first box.
  • Green Chef: Discounts shown on their website.
  • Sunbasket: Get up to $90 off your subscription.

There are so many places to order the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood bundles online. I hope you found a new favorite place to order from on my list!

By the way, if you like doing your grocery shopping online, check out my recommendations for the best meat delivery services and best produce delivery too!

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