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11 Fresh Seafood Delivery Services

Sometimes the seafood options at the grocery store are less than desirable. I find you get better quality seafood when you buy from the source, and ordering online is making that easier.

More and more companies are offering seafood delivery. From fish to lobster and other shellfish, you can buy pretty much any type of seafood online these days and have it delivered to your door.

I put together a list of the best fresh seafood delivery services that allow you to order online. Coupon codes are included for many companies!

Where to Order Seafood Delivery in 2021

These are the top websites where you can order seafood online in 2021.

1. Wulf’s Fish

Wulf's Fish shipping box containing salmon, salmon burgers, trout burgers, shrimp and kelp beet kraut.

Wulf’s Fish has a wide selection of seafood. I’ve had the opportunity to try their Laughing Bird Shrimp, Nordic Blu Salmon, Nordic Blu Salmon Burgers, ChalkStream Trout Burgers and Sea-Beet Kraut. Oh my gosh… everything is delicious and high quality!

Everything arrives frozen on ice and dry ice. Just put it directly into your freezer until you’re ready to cook it. Wulf’s Fish even sends out a little book with some recipe ideas in it.

If you want to sample the best of what Wulf’s Fish has to offer, try their Greatest Hits Box. They also have a really great subscription service too where they send you what’s most fresh that month!

2. Best Maine Lobster

Two lobster tails on cutting board with lemon halves and butter.

If you’ve ever wondered where to order the best lobster for special occasions, check out Best Maine Lobster.

They have a variety of packages for creating your own lobster rolls at home as well as lobster mac and cheese, lobster risotto and more. Free shipping over $99.

3. Misfits Market

Every week, Misfits Market has a variety of seafood options you can choose to add to your order along with your produce and meat. I like Misfits because you can skip weeks when you want and you always get to customize your order.

4. Sizzlefish

You can place one time orders with Sizzlefish or sign up for their subscription box service Each month, you can customize your box with the types of seafood you like and it’ll ship to your door. No commitment and cancel anytime.

Currently, Sizzlefish is offering free shrimp for life to all new members (offer subject to change without notice).

5. Cameron’s Seafood

Cameron’s Seafood specializes in Maryland Crab that’s caught daily and shipped overnight to your door. Order whole crabs, crab meat, crab legs, crab cakes and more.

Get $10 off your first order at Cameron’s Seafood with code WELCOME.

6. Lobster Anywhere

Another great place to order lobster is Lobster Anywhere. Like Best Maine Lobster, Lobster Anywhere ships overnight so you get your order in 24 hours or less. They also offer, bisques, soups, other types of fish, shrimp, scallops and more.

For special occasions, try their Surf & Turf packages.

7. Market House

In addition to its meat delivery options, Market House also sells a variety of seafood. All of its seafood is wild caught using sustainable practices, primarily in Alaska. Salmon, cod, halibut, crab and more.

8. Crowd Cow

While you’re picking up your beef at Crowd Cow, check out their sustainable seafood selection. Crowd Cow is a meat subscription service that allows you to customize your box each month, so you can get seafood and other cuts of meat at the same time.

Crowd Cow often has “free for life” specials where get get something like Wagyu Beef free every month as long as you’re a member. Check out the current Butcher’s Specials.

9. Rastellis

While Rastellis primarily offers meat, they also have seafood! Their Seafood Sampler box is a great way to get acquainted with the types of quality seafood they offer their members.

10. Vital Choice

SUBSCRIBE & SIMPLIFY! SAVE 5% On Vital Box - Experience The Quality & Purity Of Our Wild Seafood - Delivered Monthly To Your Home All Year Round From Vital Choice & Get Free Shipping On Orders $99+ - Use Code: 1VCAF5 At Checkout! Shop Now!

Vital Choice sells a wide selection of sustainably harvested fish. You’ll find several types of salmon as well as tuna and much more.

If you enjoy trying new cuts of fish, they also have a Monthly Subscription Box so you always have fresh seafood options. They have options ranging from $129 to $199.

Get 5% off most orders, including subscriptions, with coupon code VCAF5 through June 30, 2021.

11. Fulton Fish Market

Another source for ordering seafood online is Fulton Fish Market. According to their site, they have the widest selection of seafood available for ordering online.

Get 15% off your first order and free 2-day delivery with code STOCKUP at Fulton Fish Market.

There are so many places to order fresh and frozen seafood online. If you like doing your grocery shopping online, check out my recommendations for where to buy meat online and where to buy fresh produce online too!

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Salmon, shrimp, salmon burgers, trout burgers and Kelp Beet Kraut in a shipping box.

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