New Tattoo Balm Recipe with Essential Oils

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Our Homemade Tattoo Balm uses natural ingredients including essential oils to help keep your new tattoo looking great. 

One tin of new tattoo balm next to a freshly tattooed arm

This new tattoo balm is specifically designed for keeping a tattoo looking nice. I have a friend who personally used it on two tattoos and they both did very well with it.

Using a balm rather than diluted essential oils allows the ingredients to stay in one area for longer because of the beeswax. It also helps keep the oils from dissipating so fast so you don’t have to re-apply as often.

You can also use this new tattoo balm on old tattoos to help them look brighter and fresher. If you’d rather buy than make your own, this tattoo salve has great reviews.

Tub of new tattoo balm

New Tattoo Balm

This Homemade Tattoo Balm uses natural ingredients like essential oils to help keep your new tattoo looking great. 
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Cooling Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 25 minutes
Makes: 4 ounces



  • Measuring spoons
  • Kitchen scale
  • Balm containers with lids


  • Using a double boiler, fill the bottom half of the pot with water to about 2/3 full and place it over low to medium heat. Measure out the beeswax pastilles and put them into the top half of the double boiler over the water. It is best to heat it slowly on a lower temp than quickly at a high one, so you don’t overheat the wax. You want to preserve its benefits.
    beeswax in a double boiler
  • Check the beeswax and stir it once or twice to keep the clumps melting. Once your beeswax is fully melted and there are no yellow pieces remaining, stir in the coconut oil.
    Pouring coconut oil from a measuring cup into a double boiler filled with melted beeswax.
  • Then, measure and add the jojoba oil as well. Let the oils and wax melt together and stir occasionally if needed to break up any lumps.
    Jojoba oil measured out to add to the new tattoo balm.
  • Once they are mixed together and clear, remove the pan from the heat then add in the essential oils. Every one of these oils will be a runny one, and several are more costly oils, so be careful as you pour them to go slowly and take your time. Stir in the oils well to disperse them throughout the balm base.
    Adding essential oil drops to the double boiler filled with melted beeswax and coconut oil.
  • Now it’s time to pour them into your containers. Go slowly and leave just a small gap at the top. Once all of the balm containers are filled, leave them to rest on a counter top at room temperature to cool. It will take about 1-2 hours to cool off all the way, depending on the size of containers you used.
    New tattoo balm poured into balm containers to cool and harden.
  • To check to see if they are fully cooled, just feel the bottom center of one of the containers. If it is warm, give it a little while longer. Once cooled, place on the lids and make labels for them if you’d like to.
    New tattoo balm cooled, hardened and ready to be capped.


To Use:
Take a small amount on the tip of your finger and gently rub on and around the outside of your tattoo. When the tattoo is new, you can do this a few times a day to keep it moisturized.
For older tattoos, just use the balm occasionally for protection and to keep good care of it.

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