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DIY Spearmint Eucalyptus Soap Bars

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Learn how to make the best Spearmint Eucalyptus Soap Bars with dried herbs and essential oils.

Green plate of eucalyptus soaps covered in spearmint leaves

Making your own Spearmint Eucalyptus soap with dried herbs is easier than you probably are expecting… and that is what I love about it! Melt and pour soap really simplifies the process.

When choosing a base, goat’s milk and the shea butter soaps are equally good. I prefer the suspension formula because it helps keep the ingredients evenly dispersed so they don’t separate.

Adding dried herbs to the back of the soap after they’re poured adds a nice, finished-off look, and it also helps exfoliate skin. This recipe uses dried spearmint leaves. You can make the soap without them though, so feel free to omit.

The spearmint oil and eucalyptus essential oils both smell amazingly refreshing and amazing together. A great way to enhance the soap’s effects is to take a bath and use the same oils in the water (dispersed in some epsom salts) and inhale deeply. You can also make this DIY Body Balm to apply to your skin after your bath.

DIY Spearmint Eucalyptus Soap for Sinus Relief

Learn how to use melt and pour soap with spearmint and eucalyptus for the best DIY sinus relief soap.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Cooling Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 30 minutes



  • Cut your soap into the amount of cubes you need. They are pre-scored into squares in the package, so they are fairly easy to cut up with a sharp knife. I like to lay them on the molds to help guesstimate how many I need, especially because I have several sizes of silicone molds and each is a little different. It is best to figure at least one more than you think you will need.
    Cubed melt and pour soap set on top of green silicone mold to assess size
  • Place the soap squares into a double boiler, and heat over medium until fully melted (alternatively, you can place a glass bowl or measuring cup into a pan of water). Stir frequently until it's very fluid with no lumps and easy to stir, then add your almond oil to the melted soap and stir to blend.
    Sweet almond oil being poured into melted melt and pour soap
  • Once it's fluid and removed from the heat, stir in your essential oils.
    Essential oils being added to melted soap mixture
  • Slowly pour your soap mixture into your molds, leaving a slight space at the top to add the spearmint leaves.
    Melted eucalyptus mint soap poured into green silicone mold with small square cavities
  • Once you have it all poured, get a thick pinch of spearmint in your fingers and sprinkle it across the top of the soap bars until they are covered all the way evenly. Then, gently press the leaves down into the soap just enough to make them stick, as if it’s glue underneath them, but not totally covering them so it will dry with the true color of the leaves showing.
    Keep the soap sitting out at room temperature for 1-2 hours or until completely cool. If you are making large soap bars, it will likely take longer. To be sure they're cool, feel the bottom center of each mold.
    Spearmint leaves pressed into top of melted soap in green silicone mold
  • Once they are completely cooled, carefully pop them out of the molds. Bend back one corner of the mold with one hand and press on the back center of the bar with the other and that should do it. If they are still warm they will not come out easily.
    Eucalyptus mint soap bars being popped out of silicone mold onto wood table ready to be used for sinus relief
  • To store your sinus relief soap bars, use cute little bags with ties to secure, or put in a glass jar.
    Several spearmint eucalyptus soap bars on a green plate

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