Hawaiian Style Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I love this time of year when we start seeing yummy, organic winter squashes arrive at the grocery store. Last year I finally attempted making spaghetti squash, and it has quickly become one of our favorites.

There are so many ways to prepare spaghetti squash, but everyone in the family loves this simple recipe – even Zoë who has become very picky! It’s easy to make and doesn’t have a lot of ingredients so it’s easy to throw together!


  • 1 large organic spaghetti squash
  • 1 package uncured bacon
  • 1 can of crushed or diced organic pineapple
  • ½ cup organic brown sugar
  • ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese (optional)


  1. Cut the spaghetti squash in half length-wise. Scoop out seeds and compost (or save).
  2. Cook the bacon and drain.
  3. Chop the bacon and place in a large mixing bowl.
  4. Add pineapple, brown sugar and cheese if you want. You can also use fresh pineapple if it’s available.
  5. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Place the spaghetti squash in a baking pan with one inch of water surrounding it.
  7. Fill the spaghetti squash with the bacon/pineapple mixture.
  8. Cover the pan with foil and place in the oven at 400° F for 45-60 minutes or until spaghetti squash can be easily pierced with a fork.
  9. Remove from pan and cool slightly.
  10. Scoop spaghetti squash and bacon/pineapple filling into a large mixing bowl.
  11. Mix it together with a fork and serve!

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  1. Danielle P says

    I cooked a spaghetti squash last week and froze it. I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks for the idea. Now maybe I can get my family to try it.

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