Best Gifts for Dad in 2022

The best gifts for dad are usually unique and often unexpected. If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for your dad or husband, you’ve come to the right place.

I spent hours putting together a list of amazing gifts for Dad, so you don’t have to do the research. You’ll find fantastic gifts for every kind of dad on this list.

Collage of dad gifts, including a water bottle, weights, dopp kit, Wagyu beef steaks, shaving cream and a golf subscription box.

While high school girls and high school boys may love receiving a gift card, many dads may prefer something a bit more thoughtful. Show your dad or father figure how much you appreciate his love and hard work by choosing the right gift.

No matter the special occasion you’re shopping for, whether you need Christmas gifts during the holiday season, a Valentine’s Day or birthday gift or Father’s Day gifts, there’s an awesome gift on this list for that.

And if you’re shopping for mom too, be sure to check out our list of the best gifts for mom. And then check out our list of the best gifts for grandparents.

You can use this table of contents to jump to the section you’re most interested in or read the whole gift guide!

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Gifts for the Active Dad

If your Dad is active, here are some gifting ideas to support his favorite pastimes. From budget ideas to big splurges, there’s something for everyone.

1. Water Bottles Durable Enough for Dad.

No matter which sport he’s into, whether it’s baseball, football, golf or something totally different, staying hydrated is important. While mom may love Gem Water Bottles, dad typically needs something a bit more durable.

Buzio has really great insulated stainless steel water bottles that come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Use coupon code BUZIO10 for 10% off your order.

Blue and black Buzio water bottle on a log.

If your dad prefers plastic water bottles with a purpose, check out Venture Pal. All of their products have motivational phrases to help dad stay hydrated during his workout.

2. Ybell Fitness Multipurpose Weights.

Assortment of weights from Ybell Fitness stacked together.

If dad likes lifting weights, Ybell Fitness has a really unique gift for the active dad. YBell weights are a single piece of workout equipment that allows you to do double-grip medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell and push-up stand exercises.

3. Total Gym Fit.

When you work from home, it can be a challenge to make exercise a priority. The Total Gym makes is so easy to get a total body workout in only 20 minutes a day, and it doesn't feel like a chore.

I love having a Total Gym Fit because it makes it convenient to get a full body workout at home thanks to its compact design. If Dad has been talking about starting a new fitness routine, consider gifting him a Total Gym Fit! They even offer payment plans.

Gifts for Golf Dads

If golf is your dad’s game, he can probably use some new gear, whether that be golf balls, apparel, golf clubs or a gift certificate for his favorite golf course.

Contents of a Mully Box laid out on the green.

If you’re not sure what gear your dad needs, but know he’s super into golf, get him a subscription box as a gift. Cratejoy is a great place to find subscription boxes for golf dads.

One box to check out is the Golf Gear Box, which lets you choose your dad’s shirt and shorts size, so come prepared with that. Two more to consider are the Mully Box, which includes fun golf gear, and On Par Golf Balls boxes, which include mint used balls.

Cratejoy is having a great Father’s Day sale too. You can get 25% off your first shipment with 3+ month subscription on select Father’s Day gifts! Use code DADSDAY2022 from 6/14/22–6/20/22 on the Cratejoy website.

Practical Gifts for Dad

Here are some great gift ideas for the practical dad, the father who likes functional gifts. Any of these items should make him smile.

1. Power Tools.

If dad likes building and fixing things around the house, take a survey of what power tools he might be lacking. Don’t just grab the first thing you see… figure out what he needs!

Then go shop at your favorite home improvement store (like The Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware) to find what you’re looking for.

2. Gravastar Bluetooth Speaker.

Gravastar Mars Pro bluetooth speaker.

Does your dad enjoy listening to music while he’s being practical around the house? Get him a new Bluetooth speaker to bump his jams on.

While you could go with something more traditional, Gravastar has some of the most unique looking Bluetooth speakers. Gravastar speakers are amazing art pieces in addition to having great sound. The cool designs will have dad talking about this gift for years to come.

3. Dopp Kit.

Men's Dopp Bag from Leatherology.

Does Dad travel a lot? Is his old Dopp Kit looking a big ragged and run down? Surprise him with an amazing new Dopp Kit from Leatherology – it can even be personalized with his initials.

They have a few nice ones, but I love the Multi-Pocket Toiletry Bag because there are plenty of pockets to keep the pragmatic dad organized. It’s made of high-quality materials, so he can use it for many years to come.

BBQ Gifts for Dad

I think the reason BBQ gifts are so popular for Father’s Day is because it comes right before the beginning of summer. The entire family is usually tired of being cooped up inside and wants to spend time together outside.

While you can absolutely go for a new grill if that’s what dad needs, there are so many cool gift ideas to go with the grill.

1. Grill Masters Club Subscription Box.

Grill Masters Club subscription box contents on the table.

If dad spends a lot of time in front of the grill, he’ll love a Grill Masters Club subscription box. In this kit, Dad will receive various BBQ sauces, spices and accessories from top-tier brands so he can up his grilling game.

2. Wagyu Beef Box for Grilling.

Beef steak from Snake River Farms on Wood Cutting Board.

If he already has all of the tools he could ever use, get him something to put on the grill, like a Wagyu Beef Box from Snake River Farms. All of the Wagyu Beef they sell is American Wagyu Beef.

They have a huge selection of this specialty beef that Dad will love grilling up for the family. Snake River Farms is currently running a special where you get 2 pounds of American Wagyu Ground Beef free with orders over $99 with code AEGFGB3822 (offer ends 3/7/2023).

3. Stoke Stove Pizza Oven.

Take the backyard kitchen to the next level with an outdoor pizza oven. Instead of gathering around the grill, the family can gather around the pizza oven.

Stoke Stove has a really great backyard pizza oven that’s more affordable and comes with more accessories than Ooni pizza ovens. A couple other things that make Stoke Stove the best choice for pizza ovens is that they offer a Lifetime Warranty and at 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

They have both gas and wood burning ovens, so you can choose the option that’s best for Dad. They’re also offering free gifts with purchase right now, including:

  • 12″ Stoke Pizza Peel
  • Stoke Pizza Cutter
  • Delallo Pizza Kit (Pizza Dough, Pesto, Pepperoni and Tomato Sauce)

Learn more about pizza ovens on the Stoke Stove website.

Cooking Gifts for Dad

If your Dad or father figure enjoys preparing a delicious meal for his friends and family, and not just on the grill, check out these unique gifts.

1. Gordon Ramsay Cooking MasterClass.

Gordon Ramsay teaching a cooking class on MasterClass.

Do you constantly find your dad watching one of Gordon Ramsay’s shows? Sign him up for Masterclass and he can get lessons on how to cook like Gordon! There are 2 classes hosted by his favorite chef and so many more learning opportunities.

2. Hot Sauce of the Month Club.

Hot sauce of the month box contents, including 3 bottles of hot sauce and a few hot sauce packets.

I don’t know why, but Dads seem to love trying new hot sauces! If your dad has a taste for the heat, get him a new hot sauce kit to make cooking fun.

If your Dad likes to just grab a bottle and spice up his food, get him the Hot Sauce of the Month Club box. What I love about this box is they let you choose your heat level, so there’s something for everyone.

If he’s more the DIY type, Grow and Make has some amazing DIY Hot Sauce Kits! These awesome kits include everything you need to make your own hot sauce, and they sell chili and bottle refills too.

3. Buy Dad a Beer.

Beer Drop gift options for Father's Day.

Does Dad likes to drink a cold beer while he’s standing over the grill or cooking in the kitchen? If so, he’ll love a gift subscription to Beer Drop!

If you don’t know his favorite type of brew, I recommend going with a Gift Card. That way, Dad can customize his shipment with his favorite styles to add to his home bar.

Personalized Gift Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for thoughtful gifts for dads, make or order something personalized that he will cherish for many years to come.

1. Unique Family Portrait or Wedding Photo.

Woman holding canvas she printed from a photo.

Does Dad need a new family photo for the den or office? Did you know there are companies that will turn a photograph into a painting on canvas?

Take one of his favorite family portraits and turn it into a personalized art print with Photo Canvas Land. They have so many unique options – I especially like their canvas on bamboo blocks!

Best of all, Photo Canvas Land makes the process so simple. Just upload your picture and they walk you through the whole process!

2. Personalized Glasses for his Favorite Beverage.

Personalized gifts for dads from Home Wet Bar.

What’s dad’s favorite beverage? Coffee? Tea? Beer? Wine? Water? Something else? No matter what he likes to drink, you can get him a personalized gift to drink it in.

If he likes cold beer, go with a set of pint glasses for his home bar. If he likes a good cup of coffee to start the day off right, get him a cool new mug (and have him fill it with my favorite coffee, Purity Coffee).

There are tons of places to order simple personalized gifts like glasses. Some of my favorites are:

3. Key Chain for Home or Office.

Make a keychain with a pic of all of the kids on it, or the whole family. That way Dad can see your smiling faces every time he opens a door. You can get gifts like key chains at most places you can get other personalized gifts like glasses.

Creative Gifts for Dad

If your Dad is the creative type, the ideal gift for him will give him a creative outlet he can enjoy in his spare time. Everything on this list also makes great gifts for dads with no hobbies – help him discover a new one this year.

1. Glow Forge Laser Cutter.

Glowforge with words that say, "Magic at the push of a button."

If Dad has any dreams of word working, he’ll love a new Glowforge to bring his creations to life. Glowforge uses a laser cutter and engraver the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials.

Dad can make so many amazing creations with a Glowforge. This gift is a big splurge, so you’ll probably want to get your siblings to go in on it with you (payment plans are also available).

2. Cricut

Cricut Maker machine on the table.

If Dad is crafty, another fun gift idea for him is a Cricut Maker. This well-known cutting machine can make a lot of really cool projects too.

If you get Dad the Everything Materials bundle, it’ll give him a whole lot of materials to experiment with. He may just find a new hobby or side hustle.

Gifts for the Bookworm Dad

1. Book Subscription Box.

If your Dad likes to read and you need a good gift idea for him, there are so many affordable gifts you can get him. You can get a book subscription box if he likes reading a lot of different types of books.

2. Books from Local Bookshops.

List of books for dads on, curated by Happy Mothering.

Another option is to get him a special book you think he might like. While most people buy their books on Amazon these days, I prefer to support smaller bookshops through

Browse around my list of Books for Dads to find something he likes or grab him a BookShop Gift Card so he can pick out what he likes. You’ll find everything from Dad Joke books to inspirational novels to journals and more.

3. Audiobook Subscriptions.

If your dad prefers to listen to books rather than read them, get him an Audiobook subscription. While everyone has heard of Audible and Kindle Unlimited, one of my favorite audiobook services is called Scribd.

You get to read and listen to as many audiobooks as you want each month for one low price. You can even get a free trial of Scribd before you buy so you can make sure you like it.

DIY Gifts for Dad

If your dad appreciates a good handmade gift, here are some ideas you can surprise him with this year.

1. DIY Beard Balm.

Close up of DIY beard balm in a jar on a bamboo placemat

If your dad or husband has facial hair, then he needs a good beard balm. Try my easy beard balm recipe using natural ingredients and essential oils.

2. DIY Shave Cream.

DIY shaving cream and razor on the table.

Another easy homemade gift you can make for dad is a nice DIY Shave Cream. My recipe uses calendula, so it’s soothing and smells nice.

3. Essential Oil Gifts.

If dad doesn’t need shave cream or beard balm, consider another DIY essential oil gift. I put together a list of other essential oils recipes for men like aftershave, shoe polish and more.

4. Birthday Poems for Dads.

If your dad is more of the sentimental type, he may enjoy a nice birthday poem written by yours truly. Even if you’re not a professional poet, Dad will appreciate the thought that goes into a personalized poem.

If you’re dad is more of the joking type, you can even write some funny poems to make him laugh. Or if you’re not feeling creative yourself, Mom Junction put together a list of 35 poems for dads you can borrow from.

I hope this list of the best gift ideas for dads helps you find the perfect present for the father figure in your life.

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