Best Gifts for Mom in 2022

Shopping for gifts for moms can be challenging when you don’t share interests, or when you have a mom who already seems to have everything.

I spent hours creating this gift guide that’s packed full of some of the best gift ideas for mom around. I’ve broken it down by type of gift to make it easier to find the perfect gift for mom.

Girl holding red gift box behind her back ready to give to her mom, who is sitting on the couch.

Show your mom that you think she’s the best mom in the whole world with one of these meaningful gifts. If you’re shopping for her birthday, Christmas or other holiday season festivities, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion, there’s something for every type of mom.

Whether she’s your own mom, a mother figure, a family member or your best friend, we’ll help you find the perfect way to surprise mom with a thoughtful gift.

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Self Care Gifts for Mom

Every mom needs a little more time for self care. Most of us won’t spend money on things to pamper ourselves, so it’s up to others to make sure we care for ourselves too. Check out these amazing gifts for moms who need a break (don’t we all?).

1. Weighted Blanket.

Gravity Blanket is a popular brand of weighted blanket, probably because they have so many options! I have the Faux Rabbit Fur Blanket in white, which is so soft and cozy! It’s perfect for lounging around the house. It weighs 10 pounds and its dimensions are 48” x 66”.

If mom would prefer a blanket that isn’t weighted, I’m also in love with my Puffy Blanket. Best of all, it’s machine washable, and it holds up well.

2. Skivys Lounge Dress.

Every mom can use a comfortable lounge dress with pockets! This Skivys lounge dress is my top pick for moms this year! While I adore this dress in crimson, it’s available in different colors like Forest Green, Navy Blue and Black.

Chrystal lounging in Skivys Goddess Gown on futon.

Skivys also has a few other styles in loungewear that will be sure to put a smile on mom’s face. You can even get 15% off your order on the Skivys website with coupon code HAPPYMOTHERING.

While it’s nice enough to answer the door in, mom can always put a soft robe on over it if she’s modest. Read my Skivys lounge dress review to see more pictures or shop the Skivys website.

3. Moon Pod.

Moms tend to make very little time for themselves, so help her create a space where she can relax at home with a Moon Pod. They’re so super comfy to relax and meditate in!

Chrystal with laptop sitting in Moon Pod beanbag chair.

See more pictures in my Moon Pod review or shop the Moon Pod website for the best deals on this zero-gravity beanbag chair.

4. Handheld Personal Oil Diffuser Bundle.

While she’s relaxing on her Moon Pod with her weighted blanket, mom can be enjoying her own personal essential oil diffuser with this really fun little bundle from Rocky Mountain Oils.

This Personal Diffuser Bundle includes a Handheld Personal Diffuser, a 15 ml bottle of Peppermint, a 15 ml bottle of Orange and a 5 ml bottle of Immune Strength.

Rocky Mountain Oils Personal Handheld Diffuser.

Best Beauty Product Gifts

Most moms love a good beauty gift. Whether it’s her favorite scent of body lotion or something a bit more special, here are my favorite choices for gifts beauty products.

1. Suki Skincare Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser.

I have tried a ton of different natural beauty brands. One of my all-time favorites is suki Skincare. They have the perfect blend of nature and science in their products, and they work better for aging skin than any other natural brand I’ve tried.

suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and Resurfacing Enzyme Peel on wood jewelry box in front of blue painting.

If you have to choose only one product, go with the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It’s seriously amazing as is every other product from suki I’ve tried. They also have some really neat gift sets.

2. Vapour Beauty for Mature Skin.

As far as cosmetics go, my favorite beauty brand for aging skin is Vapour Beauty. It’s all natural and the colors are really nice.

Vapour Beauty Makeup Set on table.

I had to stop wearing powdered foundation because it accentuates the appearance of fine lines. I don’t have that problem with Vapour’s soft focus foundation. I love it because it’s lightweight and minimizes the appearance of those same fine lines.

Vapour Beauty has a few really nice starter sets that make a great gift for moms.

DIY Gifts for Mom

If you’re on a budget or you just want a personalized gift, there are so many gifts for mom you can make at home.

1. Homemade Beauty Products.

Homemade beauty products make great last-minute gifts on their own or in a curated gift basket. If you want to give your mom a gift basket for pampering herself, how about a peppermint theme?

Pink peppermint body butter in a mason jar with lid open.

Or if mom needs more calming than uplifting, whip of a selection of lavender beauty products:

Homemade lavender lotion bars spilling out of a purple organza bag on a white table.

2. DIY Reed Diffuser.

A super easy gift you can make for mom is a DIY Reed Diffuser. The best thing is they’re super affordable to make and you can customize the one you make with your mom’s favorite essential oil scents.

Homemade reed diffuser.

3. DIY Hand Warmers.

If your mom always has cold hands, she’ll love a set of homemade hand warmers. This is one of the simplest thoughtful gifts you can sew for mom!

Two homemade reusable hand warmers in red plaid flannel on a sweater

Best Gifts for New Moms

New moms need a lot of help, and it’s the perfect time to choose a gift that can make the new mama’s life easier.

1. Food Delivery Gift Cards.

Food delivery is one of the best gifts for a mom who just gave birth. Make sure you talk to her about where she likes to order from before purchasing. A gift card makes a great choice.

  • If you think she’d just like some groceries delivered instead of having to venture to the grocery store, try Instacart.
  • If you think she’d prefer a meal delivered by a restaurant, try GrubHub.

2. Earth Mama Organics Postpartum Gift Set.

Earth Mama Organics is the only brand of baby skincare products I used on my daughters. They were one of the first natural brands on the market and they’re still my favorite.

Earth Mama Organics Postpartum Box.

They have a really cool Curated Collections, like a Postpartum Gift Box for new moms. It includes some of their most popular products, including:

  • Organic Herbal Sitz Bath
  • Organic Periodic Tea
  • Organic Perineal Balm
  • Organic Nipple Butter
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea
  • Booby Tubes®

Learn more about the PostPartum Gift Set in the Curated Collections or check out the other amazing products from Earth Mama Organics.

Subscription Box Gifts

The best part about subscription box gifts is that it’s a great way to get mom to try new things she may not have tried otherwise.

1. Scent Box Perfume Subscription.

Another subscription box that mom will love is Scent Box. Each month, mom will receive a 30-day supply of a new designer fragrance to try out to help her discover her favorite scent (there are 850 options available!).

Scentbox perfume subscription box.

2. Flower Delivery Service from Enjoy Flowers.

When fresh flowers show up at the door, you can be sure she’ll know she’s loved. I like Enjoy Flowers because they have both subscription gifts as well as one time flower bouquets.

Bouquet from Enjoy Flowers with coupon code ENJOY15 for 15% off.

Visit the Enjoy Flowers website for the latest deals and coupon codes.

For more unique subscription box gift ideas, check out my post on the Best Subscription Box services.

Custom Gifts for Mom

Giving personalized gifts is always so special because the recipient knows time went into selecting the gift. While you can go with big box type websites for personalized gifts like Personalization Mall, but there are lots of smaller businesses to support as well, especially on Etsy.

1. Shelf Block with Kids’ Names or Family Phrases.

I love shopping on Etsy for gifts for mom… there are so many unique choices! I love this simple bookstack customized with the kids’ names. It would look lovely on a bookshelf or on the fireplace mantle.

A similar sort of idea is this adorable intertwining cat puzzle decoration that’s personalized with the whole family’s names. It’s cute and functional!

2. Digital Photo Frame.

Help mom relive some of her favorite memories with a digital photo frame loaded with some of your favorite photos. If your mother loves a good sentimental gift, this one will bring tears to her eyes.

3. Baby Clothes Memory Quilt.

If you want to turn mom into a puddle, have a baby clothes quilt made from the clothes her little one has outgrown. It’s certainly one gift that would make mom cry!

Baby clothes quilt.

This would also make a great baby gift for mom, but make sure you have mom’s permission first! You want to make sure she’s not planning use to clothes for another baby or tucking special outfits away for future grandchildren.

Cheap Gifts for Mom

If you have a tight price point to stick to, here are some ideas for mom gifts that are more affordable.

1. Everything Elderberry Book.

If your mom likes to make everything from scratch and learn about herbal remedies, she’ll love the book, Everything Elderberry!

My Elderberry Lollipops Recipe is featured in this beautiful hardcover book along with tons of other great information about using elderberries.

2. Curiosity Stream Subscription.

Your mom spent years educating you. Give her the gift of knowledge with a CuriosityStream Subscription.

This service is dedicated to documentaries, and you’ll find titles there that you won’t find other places. Best of all, you can get an entire year for only $20, so it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving for the whole year.

Screenshot of Curiosity Stream website and documentaries streaming now.

Read my Curiosity Stream Review or Gift a Subscription.

3. Special Coffee Mug.

There is something so special about a coffee mug gifted by the kids, especially when it’s thoughtful. Whether you want an affordable gift that’s sentimental or funny, you can find the perfect coffee mug on a budget.

Etsy has some really fun and unique choices. I love these daughter gifts for mom, seeing that I’m a girl mom and all:

You can pick up some Eco-friendly Coffee Pods for her Keurig to go with her new mug too.

Glory Brew compostable coffee pods in newly opened bag.

4. Picnic Lunch.

The best gift for a mom is time with her children. Plan a special picnic lunch with your mom with her favorite foods. Pick up an instant camera to create memories with mom too.

Creative Gifts for Mom

One of my personal favorite gifts to receive are gifts that spark my creativity. There are so many options for presents creative moms will love, no matter her favorite craft.

1. Annie’s Creative Woman of the Month Club.

Since everyone is spending more time at home, I’ve talked to a lot of women who have been crafting a lot more! Make it easy for mom and gift her a subscription to Annie’s Creative Woman of the Month Club.

Necklace made with supplies from Annie's Bead Club.

One of my favorite things about the Annie’s subscription boxes is there are lots of different themes, including:

Each month, your mom will receive a box with everything she need to make a new craft. Use code SHARE50 for 50% off the first box!

2. Spellbinders Monthly Subscription

If your mom is into paper art, Spellbinders is a really cool monthly subscription service that gives you everything you need to make neat paper crafts.

Cards made from a Spellbinders subscription box.

From stamping to embossing to die cut and beyond, Spellbinders has what mom needs to make beautiful cards and paper crafts.

Birthstone Gifts for Mom

I love giving birthstone gifts, especially when it comes to mother’s day gift ideas and especially birthday gifts!

1. Birthstone Necklace.

Whether it’s mom’s birthstone, or the birth stones of her children, a birthstone necklace makes a perfect gift to give mom. Etsy has a wide selection of customizable birthstone pendants and other jewelry.

2. Crystal Water Bottles.

If your mom is like me, she carries a water bottle everywhere. If you have your eye on a few unique, cool gifts for mom, a Via Water Bottle Makes a great choice.

Gem water water with blue crystals in hand.

You can choose her favorite crystal (like her birthstone, for example) or favorite color and she’ll think of you every time she takes a drink. Gem Water also lets you know what each of the crystal combination is good for with fun names like:

  • Boss Babe
  • Inspiration
  • Mystical Mermaid
  • Guardian
  • Forever Young

If you’re on the hunt for cute gifts for mom, check out the cool crystal water bottles from Gem Water to learn more.

Cooking Gifts for Mom

One of my favorite things about shopping for cooking gifts is that they are also useful gifts. Check out these gifts for the mom who loves to cook.

1. Le Creuset Gifts.

If your mom knows her way away the kitchen, then she’s heard of Le Creuset. They often have great sales like these gifts under $100, so pick up a gift for mom that she can use. Be sure to check out their House Specials for more great gift ideas.

Le Creuset Pans to give as gifts.

2. Grocery Store Gift Card.

If your mom loves cooking and useful gifts, a grocery store gift card can help mom get the ingredients she needs to prepare her favorite dishes.

Or, if mom prefers to order her groceries online, get her a gift certificate for Misfits Market. She can save ugly produce from the landfill while getting great produce to cook with at home.

Misfits Market Produce Box Ad.

Beach Gifts for Mom

If your mom loves spending time at the beach, the next best thing can be a thoughtful present that reminds her of her time at the beach.

1. Beachly Subscription Box.

If your mom enjoys Beach inspired decor and apparel, get her a Beachly Subscription Box membership. All of their boxes have a value of over $250, which is a huge value given subscriptions start at $99.

Beachly subscription box from Winter 2021.

2. Abalone and Pearl Earrings.

If your mom cherishes the beach, check out the gorgeous abalone and pearl jewelry by The Beach and Back. They have beautiful earrings, necklaces and eyeglass chains. They even have a gift wrap option too.

Abalone and pearl earrings by The Beach and Back.

New customers get 15% off their order with coupon code WJE4VE5BNBQ3. Check out their Bestsellers to get some more gift ideas.

Disney Gifts for Mom

1. Disney Subscription Boxes.

There are two companies (that I know of) that sell subscription boxes for Disney fans. If your mom fits that bill, both the Walt Life and Mickey Monthly boxes make a great gift idea for Disney lovers!

Walt Life subscription box for Disney lovers.

2. Disney Wall Art.

Minted has customizable Disney wall art. They actually have an entire Disney collection that includes pillows, notebooks, puzzles and more.

Personalized Disney pillow, notebook and puzzle.

I hope you found the perfect gift idea for your mom on this list, no matter the special occasion, whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any day you just want to say I love you.

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