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Best Gifts for Mom

Whether you’re online shopping for her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, get the perfect idea on our list of the best gifts for mom. 

Girl holding red gift box behind her back ready to give to her mom, who is sitting on the couch.

Moms deserve to be shown love and appreciation for everything they do for their families. If you’re searching for the perfect present for your mother, we’ve curated a list of the best choices.

Whether you’re shopping for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or just because, you’re sure to find a good gift idea for her here! Everything from craft kits and whole genome sequencing, to subscription boxes, DIY projects and skincare products are included.

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Best Gifts for Moms in 2020

1. Annie’s Creative Woman of the Month Club

Since everyone is spending more time at home, I’ve talked to a lot of women who have been crafting a lot more! Make it easy for mom and gift her a subscription to Annie’s Creative Woman of the Month Club.

Each month, your mom will receive a box with everything she need to make a new craft. You can cancel your subscription anytime and be sure to use code SHARE50 for 50% off the first box!

2. Whole Genome Sequencing

Nebula Genomics DNA Testing Box.

Move over 23andme, there’s a new genetics company that will sequence your entire genome for just a little more than the cost of the 23andme health kit. Nebula Genomics sequences your ENTIRE genome compared to the 0.02% sequenced by 23andme.

If I had known there was such a vast difference, I would have held off and gone with Nebula instead (it’s on my personal wish list this year!).

If your mom is into Ancestry as well as genetics, they also have a partnership with MyFamilyTree, so she can explore her ancestry along with getting access to information to help her understand her genome.

3. suki Skincare

suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and Resurfacing Enzyme Peel on wood jewelry box in front of blue painting.

I have tried a ton of different natural beauty brands. One of my all-time favorites is suki Skincare. They have the perfect blend of nature and science in their products, and they work better for aging skin than any other natural brand I’ve tried.

If you have to choose only one product, go with the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It’s seriously amazing as is every other product from suki I’ve tried.

4. Succulents Box

Three succulents in pots next to a card that came in the subscription box.

Out of every time of houseplant you can go with, succulents usually need the least maintenance. If your mom is a fan of succulents, consider a subscription to Succulents Box! Subscriptions start at only $5!

5. Rocky Mountain Oils Gift Set

Rocky Mountain essential oil diffuser next to 6 bottles of various oils.

I love keeping my essential oil diffuser running all winter. If your mom loves scenting her house too, check out this awesome Essential Oil Gift Set from Rocky Mountain Oils. It contains 5 of the most popular essential oils along with a diffuser.

6. CuriosityStream Subscription

Your mom spent years educating you. Give her the gift of knowledge with a CuriosityStream Subscription.

This service is dedicated to documentaries, and you’ll find titles there that you won’t find other places. Best of all, you can get an entire year for only $20.

Tip: If you have a Scribd subscription, you get Curiosity Stream included as a perk.

7. Scent Box

Another subscription box that mom will love is Scent Box. Each month, mom will receive a 30-day supply of a new designer fragrance to try out (there are 850 options available!).

It’s a month-to-month subscription, so you can cancel anytime. Be sure to code code SCENT35 for 35% off your first month.

8. Everything Elderberry Hardcover Book

If your mom likes to make everything from scratch and learn about herbal remedies, she’ll love Everything Elderberry! My Sore Throat Lollipops recipe is featured in this beautiful hardcover book along with tons of other great information about using elderberries.

9. DIY Beauty Products

Pink peppermint body butter in a mason jar with lid open.

Moms love handmade gifts from their kids, even when their kids are all grown up. If you’re on a budget this year or just want to show your love through homemade gifts, try DIY beauty products.

They’re great on their own or in a curated gift basket. If you want to give your mom a gift basket for pampering herself, how about a peppermint theme?

Or if mom needs more calming than uplifting, whip of a selection of lavender beauty products:

I hope you found the best gift for your mom on this list! Be sure to show her how much you love and appreciate her every chance you get, not just on special occasions.