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10 Best Gift Ideas for Dads

Shopping for the dad who has everything can be fun if you know what to look for! Check out our list of the best gift ideas for dads for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays or any occasion. 

A little girl and her father opening a gift on Christmas day
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Everyone is always looking for the best gifts for dads. I’m here to tell you to stop buying new grill tools, sports memorabilia, fishing lures, ties, and random tools that don’t go with the set he already has.

First off, you want to get Dad something cool. Not what you think is cool, what HE thinks is cool. I put together this list of gift ideas for Dad with a little help from my husband.

I made sure to include a wide variety of gifts so that you can find the perfect one for your Dad. And if your Dad is still young at heart, you can find some unique gift ideas for high school boys that Dad just may love too!

And if you’re shopping for mom too, be sure to check out our list of the best gifts for mom.

Best Gift Ideas for Dad in 2019

1. PowerXL Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tools for the grill are a classic gift idea for Dad. However, they’re often overdone, especially during the winter months when it’s too cold outside to even grill outside in most areas. Give Dad a grilling gift he can actually use this winter – an indoor grill from PowerXL.

The PowerXL smokeless indoor grill will allow Dad to grill his favorite meals indoors all winter. He’ll even get classic grill marks and that char-grilled flavor on his meats!

If you want to make sure Dad has the best quality meat to grill indoors this winter, send him a Butcher Box filled with cuts of organic and grassfed meat.

2. Dad’s Smart Home Technology Gift

Like it or not technology is here and SMART everything is on the way. Do you think the dad you’re getting a gift for would love to control everything in his house via his smartphone? If that answer is a resounding “YES” then you need to check out the latest in smart home technology.

We have an Amazon Echo Show in the kitchen and we use Google Assistant on our TV and phones. We have the Echo Show in the kitchen (here’s the new Echo Show model).

If you’re going to automate your home, then you need a smart hub to manage all of your devices. Then you can automate all sorts of things like lighting, temperature and any outlet!

3. Give Dad a Special Homemade Gift

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful homemade gift? If you’re into making your own homemade personal care products, why not make one for Dad?

We have a great homemade shaving cream recipe that’s great for gifting, and we put together a collection of the 10 best essential oil recipes for men too. There are lots of great options for Dad on that list!

4. The Ultimate Snowboard, Boot and Binding Setup Gift

If the Dad you’re getting a gift for is a snowboarder, you are all in luck as I can definitely steer you in the right direction. My husband really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to snowboards.

He’s a Certified Snowboard Instructor through AASI and he carries a Level 2 Credential. He’s a Certified Snowboard Coach through USASA carrying a Level 100 Certification. He’s also a former Snowboard Coach on Bear Mountain’s Freestyle Snowboard Team and he is actively a Coach for both of our girls, who are competitive snowboarders.

To make it easiest for you to see all of our recommendations for snowboarding dads, we put together a Snowboarding Recommendation List in our Amazon Influencer Store.

5. Books make the best gifts

I’m a huge believer in giving the gift of a great book. I put so much thought into any book I purchase for someone I thought it might be difficult to pick out a book that I could blanket say “All dads should read this book.” Well, I did. My husband is super into audiobooks and he’s listened to this book 4 times in the past 6 months because it’s just that good.

The book to get Dad is Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s seriously life changing and you should also grab yourself a copy of it too. I can’t recommend this book enough.

If you’re feeling wild about getting Dad books, pick up The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck as well. With these 2 books and the knowledge in them, you can drastically change Dad’s life by giving them this gift.

6. Give the gift of extraordinary socks

Don’t get dad the gift of plain old white socks. Where’s the fun in that? Dad’s love having fun and love fun stuff. Like these Don’t worry beer hoppy socks, or some Crazy Spider Web socks, or something rad like that!!!

7. Keep Dad warm with a Heated Hoodie

Yeah, if you really love the Dad you’re getting a gift for… the Ridge Men’s Heated Hoodie is an absolutely amazing gift for any Dad out there. It’ll help Dad stay warm all winter, and I know my husband would love one for the cold days in the mountain!

8. Gift Dad a monthly subscription box

If you want to give your father a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, consider a subscription box for men! There are so many fun ideas out there for all types of Dads.

A few that have caught my eye are the The HopHeads Beer ClubThe Scorchin’ Hot Box and the Surf Shop Box. If you pop around the Cratejoy website, you’ll find tons of unique gift ideas!

9. Help Dad stay fit in the New Year with Total Gym

I love having a Total Gym at home because it makes it convenient to get a full body workout. If Dad is planning to start a new fitness routine in the New Year, consider gifting him a Total Gym Fit! They even offer payment plans.

10. The Dad Hoodie

If the Dad on your list is a new Dad, then you have to check out The Dad Hoodie. It’s the coolest invention for dads who want to take baby on outings without carrying around a girly diaper bag. Dad can easily tuck everything he needs for baby inside this cool hoodie.

Getting a good gift for Dad doesn’t have to be something stagnant. Think outside the box or in better words, “think like a dad.” If you don’t think these are some of the best gifts for dads, you’re obviously not a dad.

I really hope my ideas got your creative juices flowing and you’re going to get Dad the best gift he’s ever had this year.

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