Do It Yourself Pest Control with Essential Oils

Are you looking for DIY pest control tips that work? Learn to use essential oils to deter common bugs and insects from your home. 

Ants swarming in on their prey
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Spring and summer are the worst time for pests, when their numbers are high and they begin looking for new sources of food and shelter. It is important to use do it yourself pest control techniques to deter pests before they become a problem – and there are actually a lot of easy ways to do this using different essential oils.

One of the best things about essential oils and the way pests react to them is that the scent is enough to make them change their minds about coming near or entering your home.

Use this do it yourself pest control guide to determine which of your favorite essential oils can be used to deter common spring and summertime pests and how to use them.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is fresh and crisp, and that is exactly what ants do not like. The smell of peppermint oil is enough to turn a line of marching ants right around, and it is one of the safest essential oils to use for do it yourself pest control in your home.

Before you even notice an ant problem, place cotton balls that have a drop or two off peppermint essential oil added to them into corners, near doors and around the counters of your kitchen.

And if you need more help getting rid of ants, check out my post on how to get ants out of your kitchen.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is not an essential oil that most people commonly have or use, but if you have a fruit fly or common fly problem during the summer, clove oil will be your best friend. The smell of cloves that we enjoy when baking is exactly what flies hate.

Add a few drops of clove essential oil to a bottle of water and spray around doors and windows, and anywhere else flies enter your home. The scent will deter flies from entering and have the ones that are already in the home looking for a way out.

Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil has been added to our favorite outdoor mosquito repelling products for years, because it is one of the best and fast acting ingredients out there. Citronella is an essential oil distilled from plants and all natural, so you can use it outdoors and around the home during the summer months when mosquitoes are at their worst.

Diffuse the oil, or soak easily hung items in the oil and place around dining or recreational areas where you will be spending time for an easy do it yourself pest control technique.

You can also use an essential oil blend containing Citronella like Bug Away.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil  (aka melaleuca) is an essential oil that a lot of us keep on hand because of the many uses and benefits it provides. In addition to its many health uses, it is also a great way to deter fleas, ticks and other small pests that find their way into our homes, bedding and carpets during the summer months.

Sprayed onto surfaces, tea tree oil will prevent the growth and lifespan of these pests so they die before having the chance to create an infestation.

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