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DIY Twine Wreath Christmas Ornament

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This mini DIY Twine Wreath Christmas ornament is an easy yet elegant tree decoration that kids can help make. 

Wreath Christmas ornament made with twine and holly confetti

This DIY Twine Wreath Christmas Tree Ornament is a super easy one to make, especially if you have crafting materials around the house already.

All you need is a mason jar ring (I have boxes of those!), some hemp twine (so great for so many things), Christmas confetti, ribbon, scissors and a hot glue gun. If you have lots of mason jar rings, you can also make a fun Travel Memory Ornament or an adorable Snowman Christmas Ornament with them.

The kids can definitely help put this Twine Wreath Christmas Ornament together, but you’ll want to supervise them with the hot glue gun. Wrapping the twine is great for finger dexterity!

This simple DIY Twine Wreath Christmas Ornament makes a great handmade gift idea for Christmas, especially if you participate in a community ornament exchange.

Homemade Wreath Christmas Tree Ornament with a Christmas decoration background

How to Make a Mini Twine Wreath Christmas Ornament

This DIY Twine Wreath Christmas ornament is a easy yet elegant craft you can make with mostly upcycled supplies.
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Prep Time: 0 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 1 Christmas Ornament



  • Hot glue an end piece of twine inside the mason jar ring and begin tightly wrapping the hemp around the lid ring until you reach the end of your twine, then glue the end inside the mason jar ring like you did to start your ornament.
    Hemp twine twisted around a mason jar ring lying on red and green paper
  • Keep gluing and wrapping the hemp twine until you reach where you started, making sure the whole mason jar ring is covered in twine.
    Mason jar ring covered in hemp twine to resemble a wreath
  • Now cut an 8″ piece of 5/8″ ribbon, loop it around your lid ring, and tie the ends together in a knot.
    Christmas ribbon tied onto the hemp twine covered mason jar ring as a hanger
  • Hot glue your holly confetti or a tiny Christmas decoration onto the bottom left of your ornament.
    Holly confetti glued onto twine wreath ornament
  • Hang your new twine wreath ornament on your Christmas tree or wrap up to give as a handmade gift!
    Wreath Christmas Ornament made from a mason jar ring and twine

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