Earth Day Globe Craft for Kids

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Learn how to make this adorable DIY swirly globe ornament with craft paint to hang on your family’s tree for the holidays.

Finished swirled paint Christmas ornament that resembles Earth

Since kids learn well through play, I like to teach about being eco-conscious through crafts. You can have them create something while talking about why they’re creating it. I love bonding with my daughters this way.

We had a bunch of leftover fillable ornaments from some Christmas crafting we did, so I decided we should make swirly globe Christmas ornaments in honor of Earth Day. While we made them on Earth Day, hang them on our Christmas tree as a reminder to make eco-friendly choices over the holidays.

It’s a super fun and easy Christmas craft for kids. It can be done at home with your children, at a class even, Girl Scout meeting or just about anywhere children gather. It’s even fun for adults to get in on making a Swirly Globe Christmas Ornament of their own!

While we used green, white and blue to represent colors of the Earth, you can use Christmas colors or your favorite color combination.

Close up of swirled paint white, blue and green Christmas ornament

How to Make a Swirly Globe Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make this adorable DIY swirly globe Christmas ornament for the your family's tree.
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Prep Time: 0 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Drying Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 1 Christmas Ornament


  • Clear fillable ornaments
  • Craft paint - (blue, white and green)
  • Hemp twine - or ribbon, for hanging


  • Newspaper or old towel


  • Lay down some newspaper as this craft can get messy. Protect your surface so that when you shake the ornament, it is protected from paint splatters.
    Craft paint, clear fillable Christmas ornament and twine on a table
  • Take the lid off the ornament and add in about 1 teaspoon of green paint. Slowly twirl the ornament so the paint is allowed to move and swirl.
    Green paint in a clear fillable Christmas ornament
  • Add in a teaspoon of the white paint. You will do the same thing, slowly twisting and turning the ornament so the paint can distribute. Repeat with your final color, the blue paint, and this time swirl it for a moment before replacing the lid of the ornament.
    Blue, white and green paint in clear fillable ornament
  • Press your finger over the ornament top to hold it in place and give the entire piece a quick shake. Shake it for about 15-20 seconds to really get the paint mixed up. Don’t over do it or all of the colors will mix and the whole thing will turn brown. Once the inside of your ornament is completely covered in paint, remove the lid of the ornament and allow it to dry.
    Green, white and blue paint swirled around inside of a clear fillable globe ornament
  • Replace the lid after about 1 hour and add a piece of ribbon or twine for hanging.Your Swirly Globe Christmas Ornament is now ready to be displayed.
    Homemade Earth globe ornament on a wood table

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