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Best Natural Baking Soda Free Deodorant for Women & Men

If baking soda deodorants irritate your skin, check out my list of the best natural baking soda free deodorant brands for men and women with sensitive skin.

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Everything was great with my natural baking soda deodorant for about 3 years. Then one day I magically woke up with a horrific rash in my armpits. I thought maybe it was heat rash.

I tried all of the tricks in my playbook and nothing worked, so I went to see a dermatologist. He said the rash was definitely caused by my deodorant, gave me a prescription to help and told me not to use deodorants that contain baking soda again.

Unfortunately, it’s very common to have a reaction to baking soda deodorants. I read story after story about people that had become sensitized to baking soda because of their deodorant, often after long periods of time like me.

Even if you’re not dealing with skin sensitivities, it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting on your skin.

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant.

If you’re new to using natural deodorant, be prepared to give your body time to adjust to the switch. Sometimes it can take a while for your body to get used to products without synthetic ingredients.

It’s recommended that you try products for at least 7 days before judging effectiveness (I usually go for 3-4 weeks). You can also try different scents because sometimes different scents have different effects on your body’s chemistry.

Best Natural Deodorant for Women.

I started searching for a natural, baking soda free deodorant that would work. I tried brand after brand and was so frustrated that they didn’t work. Even after doing an armpit cleanse, nothing seemed to work for more than a few weeks for me.

Then something finally clicked and I found the one brand that seems to work consistently for me after a couple years of testing – Real Purity. I didn’t like this essential oil deodorant the first time I tried it because it’s a roll-on.

I decided to give it another shot after several more months of fails, and to my surprise I haven’t stopped using it. Even though it’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, I find that I don’t sweat as much when I wear it.

Real Purity is the only natural deodorant I wear now.

Best Natural Deodorant for Men.

We decided to also switch my husband’s deodorant to a baking soda free one when he developed a sensitivity a couple years into my testing. He tried a few brands and has settled on his favorite too – Prep U.

They actually have a whole line of body products for boys and men. If your teen has been asking for things like body spray, they have a nice body care starter set.

Best Budget Friendly Baking Soda Free Deodorant.

There is one thing about natural products, and that is they’re usually more expensive. If you want a more budget friendly brand, Tom’s of Maine makes a pretty good baking soda free deodorant.

It’s not completely all natural, but it’s safer than an antiperspirant and it works better than most other natural brands we tried.

I hope this was helpful if you’ve been looking for the best natural deodorant that doesn’t contain baking soda and won’t irritate your skin!

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