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Chrystal Johnson of Happy Mothering at the Pinterest In the Making Conference in front of the conference sign.

Hi, I’m Chrystal, the main voice behind Happy Mothering. It’s wonderful to have you stop by!

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I started this blog back in July 2009 and have published a lot of great content in the last decade. To help you get the most from the blog, I put together this page to help you find some of our most popular content in each category.

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What topics do we cover?

Here are some of the most popular posts in each category you may want to start with.


The majority of our recipes are gluten free. Many are dairy free and refined sugar free. Here are a few of our most popular recipes.

DIY Beauty

We love sharing unique and tested DIY Beauty products with our readers. Here are some of their favorites.

Kids Activities

As a mother of two girls, I know how important it is to keep young minds active! Here are some of our popular kids activities posts.

DIY Cleaners

Cleaning is a fact of life, but many store-bought cleaners can be harmful to our health. Learn how to make some of our popular DIY cleaning recipes.

Gardening & Sustainable Living

We like to be conscious of our footprint on this earth, so we try to live as sustainably and naturally as possible. Here are some of the topics we cover.

Crafts & DIY

I’ve loved being crafty since I was a young girls. I’ve been sharing some of my favorite crafts and DIY projects, like these popular tutorials.

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