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Instant Pot Chicken Fried Rice

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Making Instant Pot Chicken Fried Rice is faster and easier than ordering takeout from local Chinese restaurants.

This kid-friendly pressure cooker dinner recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. Fried Rice can be served as an entrée or side dish.

And like all recipes on Happy Mothering, this Asian-inspired rice dish is gluten free!

Chicken fried rice in white serving bowl in front of Instant Pot on table.

Instant Pot Fried Rice with Chicken

Learn how to make this flavorful chicken fried rice recipe in your Instant Pot for a quick and easy meal.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Pressure Time: 17 minutes
Total Time: 32 minutes
Recipe Servings: 5


  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil - or cooking oil of your choice
  • ½ teaspoon sesame oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 pounds chicken breast - cubed
  • 2 cups jasmine rice - rinsed well of excess starch
  • 1 ¾ cups chicken stock - or water
  • 1 cup carrots - chopped
  • 1 cup frozen green peas
  • 4 eggs - lightly beaten
  • ½ cup gluten free soy sauce
  • Green onions, cilantro or sesame seeds - for garnish, optional


  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Mixing spoon
  • Instant Pot


  • Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil the inner pan of your Instant Pot and warm on the Saute setting. Once it’s warm, add the eggs and cook until done.
    Remove the scrambled eggs from the Instant Pot and set aside.
    Scrambled eggs being fried in bottom of Instant Pot inner pan with bamboo spatula.
  • Still on Saute mode, add the other tablespoon of olive oil, sesame oil, garlic and about ¼ cup of the chicken stock to the pot and use your mixing spoon to deglaze the bottom of the pan. It’s important there is no egg left stuck the bottom of the pot to avoid a burn notice.
    Instant Pot inner pan being deglazed with wooden spatula while garlic sautés.
  • Once it’s deglazed, add the pre-rinsed rice and cook, stirring constantly for 2-3 minutes, then immediately turn off the heat and pour in the remaining chicken stock and soy sauce over the rice mixture. Add the chicken breast and carrots and stir until well combined, then press everything down under the liquid.
    Chopped chicken breast, diced carrot and chicken stock added to pot with rice and garlic.
  • Place the lid on your Instant Pot and cook on High Pressure for 5 minutes. Allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes, then quick release the remaining pressure and open the lid.
    Rice, chicken and carrots after being pressure cooked in Instant Pot.
  • Gently stir in the frozen peas and scrambled eggs and allow to rest for a few minutes so the residual heat can heat the peas through.
    Green peas and egg being stirred into the chicken fried rice in Instant Pot inner pot.
  • Serve garnished with sliced green onions, cilantro and/or sesame seeds, if desired.
    Close up of Instant Pot Chicken Fried Rice topped with chopped cilantro.


See Tips Below!!!

Nutrition Information Per Serving

Calories: 661kcal | Carbohydrates: 71g | Protein: 55g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 250mg | Sodium: 1700mg | Potassium: 1102mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 4754IU | Vitamin C: 16mg | Calcium: 75mg | Iron: 3mg

Tips for Making Instant Pot Chicken Fried Rice

1. Can I substitute another meat?

Yes, you can use chicken thighs, beef, ground meat or any meat of your choosing. I like to buy meat online to keep my freezer stocked with my favorite cuts.

If you want to use shrimp, I recommend adding those at the end of cooking. You can stir in raw shrimp and use the residual heat from the pressure cooking process to cook them through without becoming rubbery.

2. Tips for making this recipe faster?

If you want to spend even less time making this dish, here are a few tips:

  1. Use a bag of mixed frozen vegetables in place of the carrots and peas. You may end up with corn or green beans too, but that’s okay!
  2. Use the meat from a rotisserie chicken instead of chopping up chicken breasts.
  3. Scramble the eggs on the stove top while the rice cooks.

3. Can I use coconut aminos?

Coconut aminos are sweeter and less salty than soy sauce, so the flavor will be different. If you use coconut aminos, taste after cooking to see if salt needs to be added for balance.

Regular soy sauce can be substituted for gluten free soy sauce.

4. Can I use a different kind of rice?

I have only made this recipe using jasmine rice, but you should also be able to use a standard long grain rice. Basmati rice will likely absorb more liquid than jasmine.

Brown rice has a significantly longer cooking time than long grain white rice, so you cannot make that substitution in this recipe. See more Instant Pot Rice Recipes.

5. How to make it vegetarian?

For vegetarian fried rice, simply omit the chicken and substitute vegetable broth (or filtered water) for chicken stock.

6. What hot sauces pair well?

We like to use Sriracha or Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce with our fried rice.

7. Best way to store leftover rice?

If you have leftover fried rice, be sure to store it in the fridge in an airtight container. To reheat the next day, warm a little oil in a pan, then lightly re-fry the rice.

8. Make it a meal!

If you want to recreate the Chinese takeout experience at home, here are some other recipes to add to the menu:

9 .Where to buy groceries online?

We buy a lot of groceries online and keep the freezer and pantry stocked. Learn where I buy produce online and order meat online for extra convenience.

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Bowl of chicken fried rice with peas, carrots and eggs next to the Instant Pot it was made in.

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